Purchase Guarantee

Quality Control
We have established a strict quality control system, and every doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our studio with firm privacy-preserving packaging and guaranteed logistics. We perform a quality check on your dolls before we ship to you. Therefore, there will be unlikely any damage or defects on your dolls.

Damages & Warranty

We do not offer refunds for any other reason other than a product damaged on arrival.

However, in the event, you receive a defective product, we will provide all the necessary kits to help you fix the item. So you must inspect it from head to toe before using on receipt of the doll. This is very important. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact us within 24 hours. It is also important to include as much detail as possible including any images and videos, in which case email us at [email protected]. We can then work to resolve the issue.

If the damage is severe, such as the head is broken, please let us know. We may arrange to ship a new item to you, depending on the situation. If the item is damaged due to improper use, you are not eligible for any return or exchanges. You must have common sense and take care of the item to avoid any damage to the product.

We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

What is not covered under the guarantee?

  • Minor skin imperfections – very minor skin imperfections are quite normal on sex dolls as the TPE is injected into the molds. These should be viewed as characteristics of your doll rather than defects. Any major defect would be spotted prior to you receiving the doll and rectified.
  • Finger & Toe Nails – Finger and toenails are something else that we carefully inspect during our approval inspection to make sure they are glued well and cleanly. However, nails can become loose. If a nail does become loose or falls off, use our lash and nail glue to re-attach it.
  • Loose eyelashes – Your doll is shipped with a protective eye mask to protect her delicate eyelashes. If they do become loose, simply use TPE safe eyelash and nail glue to reattach them.
  • Negligence – If your doll sustains damage due to mishandling or lack of care, that’s on you and we’ll advise you on how to fix it.
  • Makeup difference – We provide custom makeup so that our customers could receive their doll looking as close to the photographs as possible. Every effort is made by our makeup artists to re-create the makeup done in the photo session by the photographer, however, it is not guaranteed to match 100%. In the rare event that you don’t like it, you can remove the makeup with mineral oil (being very careful to avoid eyebrows) and be free to re-apply makeup to your own personal preference.
  • Used dolls – As above, any dolls which have been used will not be eligible under the guarantee.
  • User damage – If any damage is deemed to be suspicious and a customer created an issue, this will not be covered. This covers areas such as hyperextending of limbs etc. We reserve the right in this instance to no longer honor the guarantee.

If you have any problem with your order, please call us via live chat, call on (+1) 626-407-2870 or send email to [email protected].